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Dr Rajesh Bhalla and the TEAM welcome you in this section. Here we will share you the road map, preliminary and upfront information that you need in this journey with us for your health. Most common doubts and query in this process will be answered and Lots of multitude information will be shared. This brief educative section will educate, organise and streamline our journey towards treatment in this medical protocol.

Our Journey start with:-

Preliminary Consultation with Dr Rajesh Bhalla-

First of all, a Clinic Registration Information Form along with certain Score forms will have to be filled in self or with assistance from the staff. This is to quantify your disease and to assess your quality of life. Thereafter once your data registered is shared with Dr Rajesh Bhalla.
Thereafter you will be allowed to meet Dr Rajesh Bhalla ,

  • Your Medical History will be taken,
  • Physical Examination will be done,
  • X-rays, Other Tests as advised by him in person.

Study & Analysis-

A holistic Approach for the pathologies associated with Age, Pain Level, and Risk Factors will be studied and analysed which will be shared in due course of protocol. This the moment,when you can bombard all your queries, doubts, anxiety, etc.etc. Here now Dr Rajesh Bhalla has fully understood your disease. So he will explain you all your health status in crystal clear manner. You will be allowed to share all your aspirations, expectations and concern. This is now your duty toward yourself to share all your medical history, drug history, habits or addiction history, social history, marriage history etc. with the Dr Rajesh Bhalla. This will be sorted out to the best available tools for you to achieve your health goals.


a) Pre operative
b) Preparing for Surgery
c) Procedure at time
d) Post Procedure
– Will we guided and told with full information and in detail by Dr Rajesh Bhalla himself. You should satisfy all your queries well in advance at any

Patient Feedback-

a) Caring for your surgical wound
b) Physical Activity
c) Follow-Up Visit

For international patients travelling from afar, Dr Rajesh Bhalla is able to offer services and additional information regarding travel information, lodging and transportation.

Our staffs of professionals provide personalized quality care safely and economically. In order for us to provide you with a safe and comfortable surgical and anesthesia experience, please read and follow the instructions below. You will receive a phone call from one of our staff a day prior of your procedure to confirm your arrival time and you should answer all questions with full clarity…

The guidelines for the individual procedure:
Post operative time is the most important part of the treatment protocol. One should not feel that after the surgery once that it’s all over…

Second Orthopaedic opinion is a gateway for the understanding and alienation from the confusion. This gives a better approach for the disease. This is very common for the patients having dilemma either go to the total knee replacement or maintain the harmful pain therapy throughout further life…

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