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Eradication of Osteoarthritis

Along with evolution of medicine the life expectation have improved. This prolonged life comes along with the degenerative (osteoarthritis) changes of knee with age, which restrict the mobility. In this modern era the Total Knee replacement is key to overcome this crippling disease. This also comes with surgical pain, restriction of movement, certain life threatening medical /surgical complications or risk of Revision surgery.

Evolution has gone to revolution to defeat this age related crippling pathology of knee. That is “Mesenchymal Cell Therapy” and other biologices i.e. platelet rich plasma (PRP). The unique quality of this mesenchymal cell is to regenerate where it is located similar to its adjoining tissues. This science have given promising results one after the other. Lots of research studies are now to support particularly in knee osteoarthritis.

This attempt has given another life to that knee in which total knee replacement has been the verdict. This therapy has rewind the age of the old knees.

Eradication of Osteoarthritis

Where are these mesenchymal Cells?

These can be easy harvested from bone marrow, adipose tissue, Blood or fetal blood. Generaly the autologous mesenchymal cell are used by us from bone marrow, Blood or the adipose tissue.

What is the Procedure?

Certain amount of tissue cells are harvested from blood, bone marrow or adipose tissue with help of the designed needle under local anaesthesia. They are processed to concentrate through different methodology. Once processed concentrated mesenchymal cells are collected,they are injected into the affected knee under aseptic conditions.

How long does it take to see the results?

It takes 3- 5 months for the significant clinical improvement after first injection, which can be repeated 2 to 5 times.

What are the complications?

Local infection at the donor or the recipient site. This can be treated with oral / injectable antibiotics.

What is the Postoperative advice?

Patient can start with His/ Her daily routine from the day one post procedure. Only the donor or the recipient area dressing needs a special attention. Next day onward the dressing can be removed with proper hygiene.

Ethical and legal issue?

It is legally practiced and is an age old treatment modality of the orthopaedics ethical practice.

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