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 Dr. Rajesh Bhalla, an Orthopedic doctor is one of the most prominent names in the modern medical field. He holds an orthopedic surgery certification (M.S)from the prestigious college of India as well as he is also a certified orthopedic surgeon from the national board of education(DNB ortho). 


Dr. Rajesh Bhalla


Dr. Bhalla, is passionate about healthy joints. He has been providing orthopedic treatment and expert care for years. Specializing in Joint preserving surgeries Dr. Bhalla perform surgeries with passion.


Dr. Bhalla is internationally recognized for his dedication to providing state-of-the-art procedures to treat complex joint injuries. His work ethic and productivity is recognized and appreciated worldwide.


Personal Touch

Dr. Bhalla takes the time to understand each patient’s unique circumstances in order to recommend the best treatment option for the specific injury and lifestyle goals. Regardless of how complicated the problem or complex the injury, Dr. Bhalla is committed to finding a solution for each patient.

Joint Efforts

It is estimated that in the next 25 years more then 71 million of world's population will have some form of arthritis, a degenerative condition of the joints, creating pain, swelling and limited movement for sufferers. 

Medical Treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Orthopaedic Doctor is a medical practitioner who holds a specialization in diagnosing and treating human musculoskeletal system related disorders. The medical conditions such as Arthritis, sports injuries, muscle strains, back pain, leg pain, and foot pain are a few disorders to name.

Even though Podiatrists are more appropriate for this purpose, but, one can also approach an Orthopaedic Doctor. As they are well-versed in the musculoskeletal system, they can provide treatment for common Arthritis, ankle sprains, and sports injuries.

He will be a medical practitioner holding a degree of MD (Medical Doctors) or DO (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine). Throughout the surgical residency period of these courses, in-depth knowledge of different musculoskeletal conditions and treating techniques will be provided.

The role of an Orthopaedist in treating any Orthopaedic condition significantly differs from that of an Orthopaedic surgeon. The Orthopaedists only offer pre-operative consultation and post-operative follow up. On the other hand, Orthopaedic surgeons perform surgical operations as well.

The bone dislocations, bone fractures, knee injuries, muscle sprains or strains, and rector cuff injuries are considered as the most common orthopaedic conditions these days. One can approach any Orthopaedic Doctor or Orthopaedic surgeon to get relief from the pain immediately.

Patients Journey


Medical History, Physical Examination, X-rays, Other Tests

Study & Analysis

Holistic Approach
Age, Pain Level, 
Risk Factors


Preparing for Surgery
Post Procedure
Procedure at time

Patient Feedback

Caring for Your Incision
Physical Activity
Follow-Up Visit

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