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Medical Second Opinion Service – MRI/X-ray Review

Second Orthopaedic opinion is a gateway for the understanding and alienation from the confusion. This gives a better approach for the disease. This is very common for the patients having dilemma either go to the total knee replacement or maintain the harmful pain therapy throughout further life. With opinion from another specialist provide a better understanding of the disease. This opens up the mind and can lead you to another aspect in solving the problem. Patients with this dilemma can very well use this tool to connect with Dr Rajesh Bhalla for his second orthopaedic opinion. For this they have to share their medical records along with the X ray,MRI, CT, Orthscanogram etc or as per further advised by him.
People across the world can connect to the best knee surgeon in the world. Dr Rajesh Bhalla is respected globally as well as among the peer’s fellow surgeons. He is enjoying the faith among all and command the confidence in his unique approach for the joint preservation. As a result of his research and commitment, patients from across the world look at him for a second opinion and review of their medical reports, MRIs , CT, Scans and/or X-rays to learn and decide the best ever evolving treatment options for their knee injuries.

Who requires this review?

Knee is the mobility of the person. Any trouble to it immediately hampers the quality of life. Patient turns bedridden. So this person has full right to check all latest available option in this complex evolving medical world. Often initially this person is confused and under stress of this new happening in his/her life. Add on to this complex healthcare system, diagnosis and the treatment protocol. He feels like a sheep in a herd. To understand his problem he needs a proper professional counselling and guidance. This treatment options varies from various jargon of modern orthopaedics surgical to non surgical options. Patient can solve this maze with Dr Rajesh bhalla’s vast experience and vision. There is lots of scientifically proven treatment protocol in joint preserving surgeries. He will validate the best available option for the existing one’s knee health. Patient will also get the opportunity to be educated about complications, prognosis and the course of his disease.

What does the patient gets?

This second opinion by Dr Rajesh Bhalla is after thorough evaluating your medical records, reports, X ray ,MRI ,CT and other scans :so you get-
• Knowledge for your disease
• Information of the treatment options
• Comparison with other physician’s opinion
• Confirmation of the diagnosis
• Best confident judgement for the finalized treatment option under your finger tips at your home.
• Further you can also avail video conferencing for further clearance of your doubt with prior affixed appointment.

How to get second opinion from Dr Rajesh Bhalla?

To enrol yourself for this second opinion program. You have to gather all your medical records, X ray, MRI, CT, Orthoscanogram, blood reports etc. as a hard copy. You have to fill this “online form“. Once this is submitted another message will be sent you on your registered email or the phone number as per the policy. You have to follow the given guidelines for the further communication. This will contain the list of the records you have to share in the physical packet for courier parcel. Once they are received they will give a outlook of your health status. Once reviewed by Dr Rajesh Bhalla, it will be share once back again for the status and the further available options for it.
Foremost importance is safety of the patient and health. For this you can have multiple opinions from different resources. You should be courteous to share with your first physician that you will be having second opinion with Dr Rajesh Bhalla. You shouldn’t be hesitant or feel guilty of offending him in doing so. So be honest with him/she, as he/she will understand the importance of it in healthcare.

What are the Charges for the review?

Dr Rajesh bhalla’s fee for this review is Rs 700 INR plus applicable charges according to the state rules. This is always recommended that this should be well discussed in advance with your insurance for second opinion cost bearing. With ever growing insurance sector and health care facilities there is fluctuation in the cost involved in this whole procedure i.e. diagnostic tools, consultation fee charges etc.

Methodology for the submission of the case and reports

The Team Dr Bhalla is committed with efficiency for this process. The Dr Rajesh bhalla review fee is Rs 700 INR plus applicable state charges. This will be an independent engagement and not linked with any billed to insurance nor implied toward future services. Once all done and reports received. Dr Rajesh Bhalla will study the case and the reports. Either him or one of their team members will contact you to explain the findings. This should be learnt that this will be retrospective opinion and further detailing more information can be implied. For full and finalized recommendation a complete physical examination is a must.

You can connect with my personal assistant at (India)8595471202. If she is not available this will get diverted to me, Dr Rajesh Bhalla.

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