Rajesh Bhalla


Gout The culprit

“GOUT” ….. is that what troubling you there?…. Compassion is in the Heart of Our thought GOUT … is that what paining me !   Well this what most of the time is the hidden disease which even dodge the good clinical skill . This is a form of crystal arthropathy and characterized by a …

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Discoid Meniscus Injury

Meniscus is a semi lunar, crescent shaped collagen structure in the knee. These act like joint filler apparently are shock absorber of the knee .These are meant to give stability to knee in all 360 degree , namely anterior ,posterior, medial/ lateral (sideward), as well as rotational direction. Discoid Menisci as the name suggested are …

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Why did my ACL Reconstruction Surgery Fail?

These days, the ACL Reconstruction surgery is considered as one of the important surgical procedure in the field of orthopedic treatments and therapies. As precision and accuracy play an important role in the success of surgery, likewise, several factors lead to ACL reconstruction failure. Under such conditions, the procedure needs to be revised to offer …

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ACL Injury

What is an ACL Injury? The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is the most important ligament of the knee to prevent the knee from sliding forward or rotating anterolaterally. Patients who sustain an ACL tear often have problems with twisting and turning activities, such as in playing football, soccer, or skiing, and will often require an …

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